Dr. Liza is passionate about holistic animal care and loves sharing her knowledge to educate and inspire people to provide the very best care for their pets. Book Dr. Liza for your conference, organisation, college or school.

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“I have known Dr. Liza Schneider since 2004 when I was organizing an international speaking event. Dr. Schneider is Director of Holistic Veterinary Services, New Zealand and co-author of ‘You CAN DO it!!!’ (A book about losing bodyfat, nutrition, exercise and maintaining optimal health).

I have organised many keynote speakers at events worldwide and highly recommend Dr. Schneider as a speaker at seminars, on conference calls and for all speaking engagements.

She is an articulate and inspiring speaker who holds the interest of her audience from start to finish and has them wanting more. Qualified as a vet she has a strong interest in nutrition, natural therapies and healthcare and has written several articles relating to fitness and nutrition as well as various veterinary topics published in a variety of magazines and newspapers.

She is a regular speaker at seminars conducted on human nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits and has lectured previously to students on veterinary related topics
Her style is entertaining, appealing and based on sound knowledge and expertise of her chosen topics. Speaking from the heart she educates and captivates listeners with wisdom gained over the years as a qualified practitioner.

Dr. Schneider is ranked as one of our most popular speakers and I enthusiastically recommend her for any event where sincerity, reliability and a winning manner are important.”

Marguerite Bennett – Essential Health Matters – UK
“On several occasions I have had the pleasure of attending presentations given by Dr Liza Schneider both in Auckland and in Christchurch. Liza’s talks are informative, entertaining and thought provoking. She is able to impart complicated medical and lifestyle information in a form that the average person can understand and relate to. A confident and clear speaker makes it easy for her to portray her message to the audience. Liza has been invited on more than one occasion as a guest speaker at special full day seminarsinChristchurchandtopromoteherbook“Youcandoit!!” Welookforwardtohavingher back in Christchurch any time her schedule permits.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Liza Schneider as a guest speaker.”

Susan Mohammed FNZITT – Independent USANA Associate – Christchurch
“Liza has been the main speaker at our Health & Wellness Evenings in Tauranga on many occasions. Her talks have always been informative, thorough and interesting.

She has a light- hearted and approachable nature, which makes her talks very enjoyable and easy to follow. We constantly receive positive feedback after her talks and we hear comments like “That talk was amazing”, “I really enjoyed that” and “Gosh she’s knowledgeable”.

Liza answers questions from the audience fully and easily. She is our number one choice for talks on Health and Nutrition and it is always a pleasure dealing with Liza as she has an easy-going nature and nothing is too much trouble.”

Rachelle Hawes
“I have heard Dr. Liza Schneider talk in public on several occasions and found her to have a real gift for public speaking.I first met her when I attended a talk she had given and later she spoke to a group of about 100 people at a seminar I had organised.Liza speaks clearly and confidently and her presentations are engaging and easy to listen to.

Liza is organised and structured in her presentation but able to interact with the group and respond to unscheduled input from the crowd. I would highly recommend her for a speaking engagement.”

Dr. Kerry Clancey – General Practitioner and Co-ordinator for the Bay of Plenty Branch of the MindBody Network
“I have attended a number of workshops where Liza has been speaking and she is an inspiring and informative speaker, knows her material well, and is able to bring grace and humour into her presentations. She is also an author and is passionate about her subject. I highly recommend her as a speaker.”
Dr Monica Lewis, MB ChB – Hormonal and Nutritional medicine Optimizing health for all generations.
“I’d had a question for a couple of months but didn’t know who to ask. Dr. Liza answered it perfectly for me – clearly and in a way I could understand. It was worth going to the seminar just to have my questions answered!”
“The seminar was excellent and the first aid kits are brilliant. I’ve already had to use mine and it had everything I needed in that small pouch. Having been to the seminar I felt confident using it too!!  Great idea!  Thanks Dr Liza!”
“Brilliant. Clear and to the point.  Very useful for every day life.  Thank you Dr liza for sharing your time and expertise with us.”
“Fantastic seminar, Dr Liza, thank you!  You’re such an engaging speaker and held everyone’s attention for the full 3 hours. The information provided was very useful – things we need to know in the day to day care of our pets. I especially love the holistic approach and treating my dog naturally as much as possible.  To hear there are so many ways we can do this, and at low cost was really exciting to me.”
“I’ve wanted to raw feed my dog for a couple of years but have not known how to start. Since attending  the seminar, I have changed my dog over to raw food – and it’s been easy to do with the guidance offered.  My dog loves it and it has cleared up his skin and poop problems already. I wish I’d done this years ago – I just didn’t know how to! Thanks Dr Liza for making it so clear and easy to understand. You’re a brilliant speaker and I appreciated the range of topics covered and their relevance to our every day lives with our pets. The first aid kits have come in very handy already along with the advice of how to use them – I’m sure the traumeel made a huge difference to the crush injury. It’s great having some natural remedies in there. Thank you Dr Liza and team for being willing to share your expertise and wisdom with us,  We look forward to the next seminar!”

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