Top Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe This Festive Season

The festive season can be a stressful season for many, and that goes for pets too. As you gear up for the holiday season, think ahead and plan for your pets too.

Holiday pet care check list:

·       Ensure your pet has a safe and quiet place to ‘get away from it all’ at home

·       Use lavender flowers or essential oil in oil burners to help calm an anxious pet

·       Pheromones, in the form of a spray or diffuser, can be useful to help settle stressed animals

·       Have the TV or radio on in a separate room if New Year celebrations include fireworks

·       Some dogs benefit from wearing a compression jacket to help keep them calm

·       Ensure your pet is micro-chipped and is wearing an ID tag so they can be easily reunited with you, should they stray

·       Don’t feed sweets and chocolates to your pet.  Chocolate is toxic and sweets can cause tummy upsets

·       Don’t leave wrapped boxes of chocolates under the tree and leave your dog home alone!

·       It’s great to offer a special meal for Xmas day, but don’t overfeed turkey and treats…and remember do not feed your pet COOKED BONES as these can splinter and potentially be fatal!

·       Some holiday plants can be toxic to cats and dogs – holly, mistletoe, poinsettias and lilies

·       The Christmas tree and its decorations can cause issues – pine needles, when ingested, can puncture holes in a pet’s intestine.  Tinsel and decorations can be life threatening if swallowed.   Do not let your pet drink the Christmas tree water – it may contain fertilizers.  Do not use aspirin in the water to extend the life of your tree as that could put your pet’s life at risk.

·       Remain calm around your pet – they will pick up on your stress

·       Take your dog on a good walk before all the activity starts to help tire them out as it may help them to relax.

·       Vitamin B supplements can help animals cope with stress

·       Rescue Remedy is a safe and often a helpful tool to help keep pets calm and alleviate stress – just pop a few drops in their drinking water

·       Make sure vaccinations are up to date for cats and dogs heading to kennels/catteries

·       Looking for a Christmas present for your pet – the very best gift you can give is love and cuddles

If considering giving an animal as a gift, think twice and make sure the recipient has the time and commitment to give the pet the love and affection it deserves.  And adopt your pet from a rescue organisation to discourage unnecessary breeding and save a life.