Vet Tails Excerpt

Vet Tails Excerpt – To read more about my adventures, read Vet Tails available as a book or e-book from
One day I met elderly Mrs Finch who brought in her cat Molly as she was concerned that Molly had a problem with her mouth. Molly hadn’t seen a vet since she was a kitten, and she was thirteen years old! An annual health check is recommended so that we vets can pick up any health problems at an early stage and since Molly hadn’t been examined for a long time, I wondered what my examination might reveal.

I was impressed to find such a healthy cat with a beautiful, shining coat and on further examination I found that Molly had thick tartar on her teeth which was making her mouth uncomfortable. I recommended a dental under anaesthetic so that we could clean the thick cakes of tartar off her teeth and make her a lot more comfortable.

As per my boss’s Rose lecture no. 31 outlining the importance of keeping the client informed so that there are no unexpected surprises, I calculated Mrs F an estimate of what the procedure would cost. On this occasion, Mrs F still experienced an unexpected surprise and was horrified at the cost. She explained that she was an old pensioner and didn’t have much money to spend and so declined the dental for Molly.

Doing my best to make a difference to Molly’s discomfort under the circumstances, I tried to crack off some tartar from Molly’s teeth in the consultation room to buy some time as given Mrs F’s response, it was unlikely that we’d be able to do a dental for Molly in the near future due to the financial constraints. Mrs F thanked me and went on her way after sarcastically telling Sally and I that perhaps she should take up prostitution to cover her vet bills!
A few weeks later I was busy doing surgery when I overheard Rose asking Beth about a case that she thought Beth had seen. Beth was very quick that it was my writing on the client’s card which meant it was me who had seen the case that Rose had just admitted for a dental.

I wondered who it might be and learned that it was Molly and Mrs Finch had booked her in! I shared with Rose and Beth the story of why Molly hadn’t been brought in sooner and we all had a good chuckle at the possible extracurricular activities that Mrs F had been up to to raise the necessary funds for Molly’s healthcare!!!