Lily the cat’s Wee Woes…. Bach Flowers to the Rescue!

Lily the cat’s Wee Woes…. Bach Flowers to the Rescue!

Cats often suffer with urinary issues and sometimes their humans can suffer with them too! Thank you to Lily’s Mum for sharing her story with us…

“Lily is 3 years old, has lived in the same house with another kitten rescued from the SPCA, plus an adult very-cat-friendly dog. The only major difference in lifestyle was a flatmate for about 9 months. Lily is a small adult, but very outgoing. She is the one who goes adventuring off the property,,. across the road (eek) and on the roof. Impossible to keep her inside!

About a year ago I noticed that she and her buddy, Daisy were no longer playing or sleeping together, more likely to be fighting. There are a LOT of cats in the neighbourhood, and Lily often came home with scratches around her head and shoulders, indicating she was going in boots n all.

About that time I noticed that the odd ‘accident’ inside was creeping up to every few days, then every other day then daily. I kept cleaning up and coming home to that dreaded smell, and I did not know which one was the culprit, until she did it right in front of me – backed up to and sprayed the armchair opposite me!

By now I was cleaning up 2 or 3 ‘sprays’ every day. I had her tested for UTI’s, which were negative. I changed her diet and started using Feliway spray and Feliway diffusers (very expensive). There was a slight improvement, but really after several months of this I was getting close to breaking.  Having your house smell like a cat urinal is no fun.

Lily then came home with quite a bad wound that required vet treatment. During this treatment, I mentioned to vet Liza about her problem and the limited success with everything I had tried. Liza asked me if I would consider a Bach Flower remedy. I would consider anything!

She asked me some questions about Lily, her personality, how she reacted to various things and so on. She gave me a script for Bach Flower drops, which I got filled for the princely sum of $22! I was reasonably skeptical, but determined to try anything that might help.

After 1 week I noticed a definite reduction in the spraying. Even more so after 2 weeks, by the end of 3 weeks we were down to the odd spot every 2 – 3 days, a massive improvement. I have continued giving her the drops once a day, and now, about 6 weeks after treatment started, I can go for 5 -6 days spray-free! This is such a huge improvement, and seems to be getting better and better. I have also noticed that she is now playing again with her buddy Daisy, they hoon around the house, up and over furniture, having a ball like they used to.  She has become more affectionate with me again as well, it’s like I have my old kitty back!! I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to Liza for persevering with Lily and our problem, and if anyone wants to try Bach Flower remedies, I heartily recommend it!”